It's Like Nowhere Else

  • Job Opportunities

    Chief among the opportunities in Seattle are the employment possibilities. The tech market in particular is exploding here, with giants such as Microsoft and Amazon both having established very strong presences in the area (Google has slowly been trying to work its way in, too). Add in the fact that Boeing also operates several facilities here, and it's easy to see why the job market in Seattle is perpetually booming.

  • Small Town & City Living

    Even with so many professionals migrating here, many parts of Seattle have still been able to maintain a small-town atmosphere. That's no doubt due to its unique geographic setting, surrounded by beautiful forests and nestled in between the Olympia Mountains to the West and the Cascades to the East. Even with its growth, Seattle has been able to maintain a low crime rate compared to other major cities.

  • A Bit of Everything

    A drive through Seattle and its surrounding areas reveals a bit of everything. You can get a glimpse of seaside living along the Puget Sound, then a view of the city's thriving downtown area, and finally end up driving amongst quaint suburban communities framed by lush forests. Yet be careful when traveling; suggestions from a traffic attorney in Bellevue warns that the city's finest are diligent in enforcing traffic laws.

It shouldn’t take much to convince you of the benefits of living in Seattle; the city and the region sell themselves. As if a strong economy, a robust housing market, and all the natural beauty that you could ask for are not enough, Seattle residents are among the friendliest you'll ever meet. You'll quickly discover this fact should you choose to join their ranks.